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How to rename a repository in AWS Codecommit ? 1. Install AWS CLI and run the following commands. 2. One line command aws codecommit update-repository-name --old-name Blockchain_W_Tokenisation--new-name Blockchain_Web_Tokenisation_API

You need to connect your device to your computer via USB cable. Make sure USB debugging is working. You can check if it shows up when running adb devices.Run adb tcpip 5555Disconnect your device (remove the USB cable).Go to the Settings -> About phone -> Status to view the IP address of your phone.Run adb

Follow below steps to enable internal app sharing Step 1: Open Play store. Step 2: Navigate to Setting. (Inside navigation drawer of play store) Step 3: Enable Developer Options. (This is similar to enabling Developer Options within the Android Settings app. Tap seven times on the Play Store Version) Step 4: Once you get the “You are now

To manually flush DNS cache: Open Terminal by typing “terminal” into SpotlightType this into Terminal: sudo dscacheutil -flushcache;sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder;say cache flushed Enter your admin password to execute the command Note: if you have OS X 10.10.0-10.10.3, use: (one-line command) sudo discoveryutil mdnsflushcache;sudo discoveryutil udnsflushcaches; say flushed

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