Do you know that tracking your business mileage can save you from unnecessary expenses and help you remain tax compliant? If not, then read on to discover why you need a mileage tracking app and how tracking miles can benefit your business.

Keeping track of business miles is an important part of record-keeping for small businesses and sole proprietors, who may deduct their car expenses as business expenses.

But it’s not that simple. When it comes to tracking your business miles and complying with IRS regulations, it’s advisable to have the right tools.

Every business premises has vehicles to travel from one place to another for client meetings, sales, work supplies & any kind of official trips etc.

All such data is recorded manually and may have some costs to be reimbursed by the Firm. It can be too difficult to track your miles on the go in today’s busy schedule.

Mileage tracking isn’t something everyone spends their time doing. To make things easier, mileage tracking apps are introduced to record automatically all metrics with no or less effort for the Users.

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It might be a complicated question! But not really! Tracking your mileage using paper logbooks with bills may take extra work to calculate miles and the reimbursement process. This article discusses the importance of tracking your business-related miles and how to do it properly as an employee or business owner.

why you need a mileage tracking app

But when you consider the potential benefits of the mileage tracking apps, it’s definitely worth the effort!

There are some terms under which the mileage is calculated such as

  • Distance Travelled – Odometer readings
  • Travel Purpose – Official / Personal
  • Number of travels – Per Day/Week/Month
  • Places traveled
  • Fuel Consumption Rate

Manual work for the above-collected data entry may surely turn out very frustrating.

By tracking your business mileage and keeping good records, you can ensure that you maximize your deductions and keep more of your hard-earned money.

The mileage tracking app frees you from the pain of manually tracking as it is automated and improves tracking as well. Let’s dive into some practical advice for tracking your business miles effectively and efficiently.


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Self-employed individuals can deduct their business-related car expenses from their taxes.

If you have a clear understanding of all your business – travel-related expenses, you’ll be able to increase the deductions and pay fewer taxes throughout the year.

Yes! Don’t you find this so useful? Mileage tracking provides an easy, accurate, and automatic way to track mileage & expenses.

Tracking your mileage may not be the most exciting task in the world, it can definitely be worth it from a financial standpoint too.

For starters, it can help you reach tax-free status. And, if you’re a business owner, tracking your mileage can also help boost your income.

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Users are benefitted from stress-free, minimal time consumption to capture the distance traveled and crystal clear expense reports.

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