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Project Revamping the old look & feel of Fabrice’s Blog. To ensure to give it a fresh and clean look. So that subscribers love reading the new blogs written by Fabrice and keep learning from his experience.

Discipline Used

  • User Experience Designing
  • User Interface Designing
  • Mobile Design
  • Web Engineering
  • SEO


Fabrice Grinda is among the world’s leading Internet entrepreneurs and investors. As a serial angel investor, Fabrice and his team analyze more than 100 companies a week and make a new investment about every 15 days. He is an avid reader and blogger. Fabrice has been sharing his experience in the events, Universities. However, it was having limited reach. He has come with an idea to build a platform to share his experience, learnings, guidance and vlog to help and encourage people across the globe.

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Fabrice was looking for one stop platform for everything and anything: marketplaces, entrepreneurship, decision making, life, book reviews, gadgets, travel, to vlog, share his experience and journey of investment, encouraging startups.

To bring the clean look & feel in the platform readers love reading, watching vlogs & sharing the experience as comments.

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Team Zimozi engineered a new platform for Fabrice to accumulate and categorize his interests and share the same with his follower base.

Team is also entrusted with the platform maintenance, which also includes website design and structure, review of graphics and images, review SEO and meta titles, Test websites on all devices and browsers, content updation.


Zimozi Team has been awarded to maintain the Platform. The continuous maintenance includes all the important aspects. To name a few – Check load speed and ensure that nothing is bogging it down , perform security scans, analyze website statistics, make updates to website software and plugins.


Fresh & clean blog went in the start of Year, 2020. Readers have found it more readable and the way they were expecting. Month by Month Subscribers got increase. Fabrice Blog is one of the best Blogs in the World at present and subscribers list is keep growing.


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